Thursday, October 25, 2007

New work as of 10.25.07

Hey all,

I went and did it. I collected enough energy to photograph my standing work and ship it on to this blog. In advance, I apologize for the poor quality of the photographs. I like scanning my work, strangely enough, partly because my camera - while nice - bows the images when I get moderately close in.

In any case, I feel good about where my work is going. I'm feeling good about it because I'm letting it take me wherever it wants to go, basically. It's still as meditative a process as it was back in Beverly, and it's exciting for me to see how the process is or isn't affected by my every day life. I'm becoming more daring with color, I'm speeding some pieces up, slowing some down. I'm more or less letting it lead me, if that makes any sense.

Although, admittedly, I do have to say at this point that this post is fairly self serving in the sense that I need to remind myself that I am doing work - I am being creative and productive. Truthfully, I feel pretty petrified by this vibe that I'm surrounded by the mindset that what I'm doing just ain't worth it; and, even if it is, it's some sort of fluke or exploitation. Know what I mean? It's tough to explain, perhaps. I guess what I mean is that, for all the support that I get, a lot of it seems half-hearted. Who knows? Screw it, though. I have fun doing what I'm doing, and hopefully that will get me through.

Anyways, I'll stop being a downer. Here're my recent pieces. Thanks for looking. :)

Take care,