Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pressure-treated scraps, imagined landscapes, and the inevitability of the seasons shaping your work.

After a moderately long sting of working almost entirely digital, I've finally gotten back into sitting down with a pile of scraps and spending an extended period of time painting odd, imagined things of varying importance. This is good!


My camp stint is coming up fairly soon - in a month's time or so. Fitting camp into my year this year has been pretty arduous and full of doubts. So, I'm pretty excited and nervous for it, now that it's actually happening.

I'm pretty much spending this very hazy and undefined period before camp to get as much decent painting done as I can. After camp, my future is fairly unknown, so, I would love to come back from camp to a large body of new (and perhaps old) work that I can show. I have to make decisions about how I want to show my work, next time. I have this hesitation for continuously showing my older work. The whole thing starts feeling like a traveling expo.