Thursday, April 10, 2008

So, here are a few new pieces that I've been working on. I also have a larger one that I am really enjoying working on, but my camera absolutely devours batteries - to the point of me running out of them - and it's just too big to piece together on the scanner.

I'm just really enjoying the process, though, as usual. There's this aimlessness with the whole thing that really lends its hand to what I actually paint and how I actually paint it, and all of that is mixed in with my opinions of my life and hopes for the future. So, it's all pretty dynamic and purely spontaneous, which is good. It really lets me break out of norms that I set for myself, or, at the very least, appreciate when I do something stupid, which I feel is important.

Beyond that, though, I'm really focusing in on what I want to do with my work. The most obvious thing to note is that I do want to make a living doing the work that I feel good about - which is to say the work that I blog about, and not the work I get a paycheck for.

I do know that I eventually want to have a show with the work I've accumulated.

I do know that I want to take the time to write some sort of fleshed out statement - there's a lot in my head, in the way of talking about my artwork. Things have changed, since I first started working on wood.