Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Hardcover Plan!

Hey, Providence is great! What else can I say, really? I'm pretty easy to please, though, to be fair. All I need, conceivably, is a supply of paint, a computer with internet access, and the occasional disconnect from it all to go on a long walk to somewhere just far enough away to seem unreasonable.

Providence, for the moment, has all of these things. So, I'm happy.

I'm heading over to the local Utrecht in the morning to apply for a position there. That would be fine by me, working in an arts supply store, fielding art-related questions, being around paint and paintbrushes all the time. Yep, that's fine. I hope it works out. I'm optimistic.

Other than that, there isn't anything earth-shattering to make mention of. The city is great. I'm excited for the winter weather. I'm probably bound to get a bike or something - cheap car, maybe. Who knows?

I should mention that I have plans to put together print package for a 100(ish) page hardcover of some select works of mine from the past year, which will include a wide variety of pieces, complete with little bits of writing - all that kind of stuff. I'm pretty excited about that and the Kickstarter ( effort that I'm going to throw behind that project. So, WATCH FOR IT. Contributing to the cause by pledging will undoubtedly get you original artwork, exclusive access to creepy video sessions of my paintings in process, and even some of the pieces that will show up in the book - not to mention: the actual book, if you pledge a certain amount.

In conjunction with that is a plan to release some poster-sized prints of my work.

I have a ridiculous stock of high res images of all of my work, as some of you are aware. So, I'm putting all of that to a relatively good use. Right? I think so.

Hey, that's exciting!

I also have somewhat far off plans to figure out either a graphic novel or a children's book or some kind of publication dummy. Watch for that. I suppose "vague plans" is a better way of presenting that. They might not be that far off, but they sure are flaky at the moment.