Friday, June 1, 2007

Thank god, I've started working again...

So, after a long reprieve from working and a short time spent in Beverly graduating, I'm back at home and back at the grindstone, and I've decided to up the ante on my own way of working a little bit. I've moved to working in my typical fashion of extreme formats, but now am seeing what I can do with the horizontal. Not only that, but I'm taking the advice of a friend of mine to work bigger throughout.

On that note, I've been thinking recently of trying to market myself to do custom murals. The way I see things now, I work relatively fast and relatively completely. I have something distinct going on in my work and really think that I might be able to make some sort of income doing that. Who knows, though? I'm all about thinking of crazy things I can do with my work to make it a living. I'm trying not to think about everything too much, though, lest I go crazy. Anyone in my neck of the woods want a unique, refreshing mural?

Anyways, as usual, thanks for looking.

Take care,


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