Wednesday, August 8, 2007

more work!

Sorry for some of these being cruddy scans, but I really wanted to get these up here - primarily, to share these with people, but also to offer them up for sale! That's right! All of these are for sale. I'm moving Brookline in the fall and could really use the money. Plus, I like the thought of my work going out into the world. It's almost as good as the initial act of painting. Anyways, here they are, ready for your viewing and priced accordingly. haha

Take care (almost wrote "Love," there...strange...maybe not, though,



p.s. These prices are completely flexible. Help fund my move-out!

"Daydream Believer" ($150)
"Mir" ($150)
"Rage" ($170)
"Just a simple plan to keep you awake..." ($165)

"Space and Time series" ($40)

"Butts" ($70)
"Palm Face" ($40)
"Winter in summer" ($40)
"Summer from Main St., from the passenger seat, after the fact" ($45)
"Jesus, don't worry..." ($60)
"Eternal II" ($35)
"Eternal III" ($35)
"Shipt" (only half of the painting, due to scanner restrictions) ($70)
"Three Blimps" ($30)
"Grafdase" (nfs)

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