Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello, again! So, I've been painting pretty consistently, still, which is nice. There's nothing better to shake any of the doubts you might have about what you're doing than to just keep doing it, right? Right. haha

Anyways, here are my latest pieces. They're in no specific order and the sizes really range from 15 inches down to a meager 2 inches. Some are finished, some aren't. Some are in stages where I presently like them, but know that I could continue them. Who knows? I like where they're all going or are, basically.

One thing I should comment on is that I feel like there's a distinct split in my method that's pretty apparent lately. I'm always having fun with "it" ("it being painting), but I find myself either painting with a complete absurdity in mind or a complete intention in mind, which isn't what it's always been up until now. Every so often, I'll run into the old, meditative, motor skill type of painting method I used to accommodate, but, for the most part, my paintings are being filled with more and more meaning, for lack of a better term. I'm too tired to elaborate on that right now, though.

More to come!

Take care,


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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the one with all of the multicolored lines over the dude's head.