Sunday, December 2, 2007

The motherload

Howdy, folks. I just thought that I would dispel any fears that I haven't been doing any artwork. I've been doing the opposite, in all actuality - painting until I'm too tired to do anything else. Is there such thing as painting too much? There's a stack of paintings in my room that speaks in some direction. I just need to figure out which - either too much or I'm just not doing enough with it. haha

I have, however, to my credit, cleared out some of my paintings and have shipped them across the country. I got into a show! I've been, as I always do with inspiring possibilities in my life as it pertains to art, gossiping about it for a while now. Here's a link to the site:

It'll be interesting to see where those pieces I sent out end up. I'll be fine if they come back, knowing that they flew all the way across the US to the pacific northwest. What a trip.

Anyways, here's my new stuff. I'm really just letting myself experiment with the paint and line and how I handle the wood. I'm also dangerously diving back into methods I used before senior year - rejecting some things, but somewhat taking a liking to most of it. Who knows?

Anyways, that's all I got for now. I am pooched.

Who wants to fly to Oregon with me?

Take care,


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