Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some obligatory new stuff...

I've been telling myself for weeks that - hey, I haven't posted any new work, even though I've been working consistently enough to show something.

So, here's some work.

I'm drawing inspiration from everywhere, lately, trying new things, letting go of or changing old things, keeping up with the process, and just generally playing away with a supply of paint that is dwindling (I need to buy more and possibly better paint).

I really like the sense of freedom that I feel with the whole thing, and I hope that enjoyment shows through more than anything.

In other news, I'm getting ready to make a huge push to get an actual website up. Although, it isn't keeping me awake at night. Although, although, it probably will keep me up at night when I get to work on it.

In completely separate - although, maybe not - news, I'm off to camp on the 19th for two months. I'm curious to see how my work will change, through the great experience. Time will tell.

Let me know what you think. As always, sorry for the lazy documentation. I'll get around to tightening up the presentation a bit...maybe...

Take care,


1 comment:

eric said...

hey hey hey
interesting as always, though i kinda want to see some direction (but i guess thats the whole of painting after school, to not have that dirty word).