Friday, May 8, 2009


Here's some of my recent digital work, which is more or less to pass the time and further steer my work around a bit as I plan for the future and get ready to leave for Connecticut in a few weeks.

The decision was not a very complicated or comprehensive a process to come to, but I've been working in what I suppose you could call a series of pieces consisting primarily of red, yellow, and blue. I really like the limitations and generally feel like this kind of paring down really gives me a clearer idea of the tendencies within my own work.

The pieces usually arrive at some kind of finish within a half hour - or fifteen minutes, even. I like how quickly they come about. I feel like there's a better kind of honesty in working these really quickly that, like the limitations of color, allow me a kind of clarity for the whole damn thing!

What do you think?

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