Friday, October 16, 2009

A big move, and some work - not to mention: KC Quilty.

I haven't invested in a good post in some time. For that I apologize! Busy, busy, busy.

Most recently, I've been keeping up with a move to Providence, as well as getting work together for a Halloween Show in Boston (thanks to all who came out, and sorry to those who missed out for my not blogging about it previously). Beyond that, it's been more of the same of constant and enjoyable painting - not to mention: changing around the format and tone of this blog. Ugh, I hate that word - blog. Doesn't everyone else? Makes me want to puke.

Take a look and tell me what you think...

Here is a change of pace for you: KC Quilty (") is due to release their upcoming album "Clover/Coriander". Here is some of the album art (made by yours truly).

If you like their sound and you like the artwork, jump in and contribute to the cause of getting the album out there! Check out their kickstarter, why don't you? They're close to their goal and can use your help to match and even surpass their goals. DO IT.

That's pretty much all I have, for now. Expect more paintings in the near future. The future is unknown. The truth is out there. Here are some paintings to play the entry out:

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