Monday, April 16, 2007

I've always liked MS paint. I hate the way that it makes Jpegs look like Jpegs, but I've always liked the quickness of it. I work quick. I like seeing the colors and shapes fast - quick. Sorry for the crappy quality, nonetheless, but it is MS paint.

I used it a lot, when I was younger. I remember myself and my brother doing this little, amazing, crappy, intensive, campy comic book drawings in the program, back when it was revolutionary and altogether simple and cruddy. You know the type - bad proportions, unsure of any medium or handling, etc. etc. Between then and now, though, has been dominated by Photoshop. It's nice to get back to the quickness of Paint.

You'll probably end up seeing more of these quick things. I like how it came out. The evolution of the piece was nice, too - it changed a lot, as you can probably tell.

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