Sunday, March 25, 2007

Here's more of that series that I'm working on. I thought that I would take to opportunity to throw these mid-process pieces in with the rest of these "finishes", because it gives me the opportunity to talk about my concept of a finish.

Basically, my excitement for working comes from not really knowing where the piece will end up. I've always considered there to be multiple "finishes" for a piece. I guess a more appropriate way of describing it would be that there are moments while working when everything just feels cohesive enough to leave it be. You can work past that, but then you're working on a new piece, if that makes any sense. You're taking it past one direction's end and bringing it to a new place. All of that is really exciting for me. So, with these, because I stopped, I'll come back to them and work off what's there and eventually come to a "good spot"; and that's just really fun.

So, here they are. I'm playing with colors. I'm layering and making a mess, all the while not knowing exactly where it'll end up. I guess that's not really the most efficient way of completing an assignment-based piece (which this one isn't, but it could be), but I think my true success will come from being able to do that. Get a commission, work more in the vein of that commission, and find a synthesis or compromise between that and the way I just happen upon or work towards a "good spot". I think I'll get there.

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Carol said...

i like it. alot... reminds me of rothko.

youre so talented. i'm jealous.