Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey- facebook wouldn't let me upload more images to my albums, inexplicably! I don't understand it...

In any event, here's some of my stuff from the past couple of days.

I should have a statement, soon. I'm still thinking about my work and my opinion of it, as well as taking into account how that opinion has changed over time. There are elements of mystery for me with my work, where I'm either not entirely sure of some of the things that I do or am altogether doubtful of whether I'm doing x thing for y reason, if that makes any sense. Thankfully, I'm starting to work most of that out, and I'm starting to realize some of the tendencies I have with painting and where I can categorize those - whether they be legitimate and intensive or floppy and uninspired.

I can say this: I feel like I'm using the trends in my work now more to allow for this seamless progression of symbols and personal "fads" I guess you could call them. I feel like there's more of a focus now on systematic applications of paint and systematic adherence to either typical compositions or atypical compositions. I'm also dealing a lot with random lines of colors, but that's fairly obvious, I guess...

There's also a piece in this batch that I'm fairly confident owners of corgis, specifically, would find interesting!

The process continues!

We have a new president!

Take care,


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