Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New work -- 7January, 2009

Just a brief uploading of paintings.

I feel really great about this especially new work. I feel like I'm painting a lot more than I used to, if that translates well enough. I feel like I'm cutting the binding threads on a lot of the conventions in my work that typically lent to itself. I like my work lending to itself, to a certain point. I feel like it allows for a certain kind of evolution within the work, but I don't like when it stagnates, basically. That makes me feel like I'm being lazy with it, and painting is my least favorite thing to feel lazy with.

I'm experimenting with a Pthalo blue, too, I should add. I've basically stuck to various kinds of cobalts and ceruleans. So, the change is refreshing. Mixing the blues is awesome, and mixing Pthalo with white is pretty electrifying. We'll see how I feel about it, ultimately.

I also have some irridescents that I'm playing with, but I don't have any of that up to any confident speed. On that note, I should also say that found some incredible leafing pigment. It's almost invariably toxic, and potentially full of lead. I'm extremely hesitant to use any of it, and I think it needs an oil medium, anyways.

Here's the work! I still have to work out my thoughts on the figures, but I really like them. I use this stupid, white outline, and then fill in the blanks with this kind of sloppy rendering. I'm more interested in applying something so complicated on the horizons I've kept empty for a while. It's pretty liberating...

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Bryan said...

The one at the top is awesome. It reminds me of you blue man on a red background piece (the one that hurts your eyes to look at) only I like this one way way better.....

I might have to consider it for my growing collection