Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Balancing Act" is not going to be the working title for this one...

So, this one, like the painting of the car and the farm and the sky and the muddy water paint, is too small. I guess that's something we'll both have to get used to, as the files are a bit larger.

Getting past that for now, this painting was done shortly after my break from wood to canvas. This was also the last I did using dirty water. Although, I could be wrong. Again, ignorance is bliss - you won't know.

Around this time I started getting comfortable with the new way I was working. I had a way of applying the paint to the wood, I had a certain motif, in terms of the colors I used, etc. I enjoy this piece, but not as much as most of my others. The reason for that is that this is basically the epitome of the danger of my way of working. I'm figuring things out: how to work, what things to employ, etc. etc. At a certain point, it's borderline a type of math, which I think rings through here. I know what I like seeing in a picture. I know how to do it, for the most part. So, when it comes time for the picture to actually depict something, I get lazy and use simple compositional tricks and simple solutions. I like it, but not as much as most. It's what I want to avoid.

I like the sky, though.

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