Sunday, March 25, 2007

How could I forget the sky ladder?

How could I forget the sky ladder? Oh, how I wish I could. Well, I shouldn't really say that, because I do like some things about this piece. Ultimately, however, I feel that this holds hands with the balancing act piece. In the falls down in the same, essential way that the balancing act falls down, except that it's in a more complex form. The balancing act is a simple use of a transparent concept on top of fun, successful way of working, while this is that use of transparent concepts, but more plentiful in the actual number of elements. It's almost like I was too scatter-brained for my own good, and funneled that into my work in a wonky way.

Nonetheless, it's part of a process. So, I love it. Per usual, I enjoy the sky and the ground-plane. I might just take the ladder and the balloons out. Maybe I'll just scrap the balloons. I kind of like the ladder, too.

Also, as a brief aside, I've just realized that you can click on the image to get a larger version. I thought about going back and editing my posts to act like I knew what was going on, but where's the fun in erasing your mistakes?

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