Sunday, March 25, 2007

The sky-chair! How could I forget?!

I don't really call this one "The sky chair", but it's a good way of remembering which one it is. Admittedly, this one is proof that I'm not being very chronological with these posts, as this was done way before the car farm and even before the spaceship one. Of course, I could be getting that wrong - how confusing.

Nonetheless, this is one of my smaller works and is what I consider to be one of my more comfortable pieces. I still haven't completely broken loose with my color and the way I'm going about working the piece, but I'm having fun. I'm painting to paint, not really giving a whole lot of thought as to where the "end" of the piece is.

A funny thing to note about this is the fact that one of the main criticisms that it receives is the lack of intention or mystery surrounding the hole. That's funny, because I consider it's lack of meaning in the piece essential for it being there, if that makes sense. It shows quite well the way that I work through and around the wood, instead of necessarily with it. My argument was that my entire intention was to try to get away from any clever conventions. I fail at avoiding it, sometimes, but it is something I aim for with my way of working.

I later made a piece that quietly emphasized a knothole in the wood. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think I like it. I might actually love it. I usually talk more about things I don't like. I wish I had scanned it. I'll have to get around to it. Who knows?

One final thing to note about this piece is that I painted the sides that nice, cadmium red. I painted the sides of all my pieces before the fall show, but have since stopped doing that. It isn't that I don't like the sides of my pieces painted, but that I haven't gotten around to it. I will, I'm sure. I consider these works being objects to be very important, in terms of how they hang.

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