Sunday, March 25, 2007

I've decided that I'm going to stop titling these posts, at least for now. I mean, this site automatically uses my first sentence. Why bother?

Anyways, I thought that I would throw this strange one in the mix. It's really weird. I started with the ground plane, then the tunnel, then the cavern. It took me a while and a couple break to actually think of what to put in there. Of course, a sneaker should go in the hole.

What I like most about this piece is the color, which didn't come over so great through the scanner. Rest assured, however, that the colors are pretty vital. I might be able to fix that with a levels adjustment.

I feel like reference for the sneaker would've ruined the piece, but maybe not. I like the way I basically molded and sculpted the tunnel and hole into this one. You can probably see the scrape markings.

Take care,


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