Sunday, March 25, 2007

More sky chairs?

This is the other "301 wood" piece. It's also one of my favorite pieces from this year, especially in terms of how I handled the sky and ground plan. It's also one of my few horizontal formatted pieces. Besides that, there isn't too much to tell about this. At this point in the year, I was getting ready for the first show and I was being more intensive about preparing the wood to paint on it - multiple layers of gesso, ample dry time, etc. So, some of these are lacking wood grain, for that reason.

To digress a bit, I'm not sure what ultimately drives me to paint the skies the way that I do - the decisions to make it colorful or gray or full of clouds or flat. It's really just a reaction to my immediate visual memory. So, if I recently saw a nice sunrise or sunset, I'll repeat it in a painting. If it's been raining for days, the sky will be gray. I guess that's my explanation for that one - not that you really asked for it. You got it anyways, though.

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