Sunday, March 25, 2007

That is a Death Star, yes.

One thing that I should note is that, while posting these, I'm really trying to keep some sort of chronological order going, considering that I do want to illustrate the gradual process that has taken me from September to now. I'm sure I'll get some spots wrong, but you'll never know that. Ignorance is bliss.

Anyways, this is a Death Star and a banana. I decided to go back at one point and give canvas another try. I like the way that this came out a lot, and I loved the process, but have since had trouble warming up to canvas. It just isn't the same consistency that I'm comfortable with.

This one is somewhere around 10 inches wide, I believe. It isn't too large. Then again, I have few large pieces - something I'm going to change soon, I assure you.

That's no moon...

Take care,


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