Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is another piece that I have to fix the levels on. Also, it's one of the few - well, two - pieces that I have scanned that are from the "I took this piece of wood from 301" series. I saw this piece of wood and knew that it would either be really easy to work on or something of a challenge.

It turned out to be really easy, when I didn't think too much about it. Actually, I remember with this one wanting to pool my transparent gesso in the holes and then back-light it. The gesso ended up cracking, though. So, that was a no-go. I still want to do that, though.

In any case, I really need to fix the levels, because this piece has some of my favorite colors in it. It's also quite primary. I think I was thinking about Van Allsburg when I drew the boats in there. I have "Wreck of the Zephyr", which is probably one of my favorites by him.

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