Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last one before bed...

I originally thought that I had scanned these images so that the file-size would be somewhat uniform. As you can see, I was a bit off in that respect. In any case, these are grouped with that loud, red piece in being the smallest pieces in the overall series. They're certainly the smallest series I have.

I like these because they forced me into a smaller surface. Through that, I was allowed to really push the limits of my conveying my style and way of working to a smaller surface. I like them, because, even though they are extremely small (about an inch and a half tall), they still feel like one of my larger paintings. Besides that, I just like the primary colors. I feel that you can be equally successful with with using primaries to using complementaries - if not, more so. I think that hints at the enjoyment I get from using every color in every painting, and helps to fill out a sort of naturalness of light within the painting. What's local color if you use every color?

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