Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wait, is that perspective? I don't use that...

This piece is among my larger pieces. Not only that, but I consider this piece to be one of the more cohesive in terms of actually hinting at some sort of underlying story. The environment is somewhat creepy, but altogether unsurprising. It's a lifesaver in what, as opposed to a chair in the sky, etc.

I like this piece, though. I feel like I really started getting a feeling for layering color confidently and unexpectedly, which is cool. Not only that, but I used india ink much like I would paint. So, I like the effect I got. Again, I'm doubling back and contradicting myself - another successful ink piece! How will you ever believe me, after that? You'll just have to trust me, I guess.

I have to fix the levels on this image. It's a lot brighter, and that gray on that bright yellow is too awesome.

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