Sunday, March 25, 2007

Four out five ain't bad, I guess.

So, these are what I would call the first of my year-long series, where I'm really just playing around with the medium. Even more than playing, I'm discovering more the colors I like to use, the surfaces I prefer, and the compositions that I'm comfortable with. From there, I was able to really test my boundaries, in terms of what I'm comfortable with.

As an aside: "chorizo" is not only a form of sausage, but is also the character name of a shaman who I play with in World of Warcraft. My friends and I think it's funny to incorporate other people's names in our work. Why restrict the names of the people we know virtually?

There is a fifth to the series that was missing when I went to scan them. They were all originally meant for a small works' show at my school, but I ultimately decided not to hand them in for show.

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