Sunday, March 25, 2007

To preface:

The work that will initially show up in this blog is special to me in the sense that it is the most important work that I've done in terms of coming to realize what I want to do with my artwork - the way I want to work, what subjects I want to deal with, how much I want to work, how much I want to repeat myself or not at all, etc. - and, more importantly, how all of that plays its role in who I am as a person - how exactly it's important to me that I find enjoyment in my work and how exactly important it is to me that other people enjoy it as well. Which, I should say: I do hope you enjoy the work that I post here.

I consider this work to be a mapping of the person I am, day to day; a reflection of my visual memory that shows the things that I like seeing and repeating in paint and pencil (or pastel, or oils, or watercolor, or collage, or sculpture, or doodles in class, or digital work, etc. etc. etc.), the things that I find funny or dire or happy or just altogether interesting by themselves. It's a process that I hope will continue to keep my motivation high and enthusiasm for creating never-ending. I'm pretty confident, in that respect, that I've created for myself a way of working that will not only keep me interested, but will also keep others interested; if for nothing but the intensity at which I scrutinize my own work and way of working, despite never really worrying about what people feel about it.

It's an evolving process and I can only hope that the work I'll submit to this blog will shake and move over time, push and pull and repeat itself, all the while keeping that sense of myself and my hand that I find interesting.

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